Syosset Tire And Auto Repair - Syosset Tire & Auto Repair

New York, New York 1 comment

Be careful with this scam artsist Steve at Syosset Tire.He will try to rip you off every time.

Go for car inspection and he will find something wrong so he can rip you off - for example $35 for cheap $5 wiper blades; $20 for a light bulb, etc, etc. I have been going there for some time but it is getting worse. This is it for me and will advise the same for all.

Scammers like Syosset Tire should know that internet has connected people like never before and they can not keep doing business as usual without facing the consequences.

Review about: Car Inspection.


Edison, New Jersey, United States #662337

well if that's all the parts cost you should do it your self .If you drive a garbage can it will need repair

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